The Circus Project and its members have performed in theatres, international circus festivals, local events, outdoors and indoors. The creation and performance such productions allows us to showcase the skills of our students, both youth and adult.

Past Events

  • Glitz and Glamour Fundraiser (2016)

  • Funk the Family Festival (2016)

  • Halloween Fundraiser (2015)

  • Funk the Family Festival (2015)

  • 10th Anniversary Christmas Fundraiser (2014)

  • Funk the Family Festival (2014)

Past Productions

  • Rolling on the Floor Laughing (2012)

“This wasn’t just a show of skills, there was considerable emotion combined through the music, artists performance and the film and/or lights. It felt completely age appropriate and was portraying the thoughts, fear and enthusiasm of the young people on stage. So not only was their astounding strength and discipline on display but their hearts too. – It was out of the ordinary, exciting and probably something few people ever see live. The performers and performance were an absolute credit to the amount of time and effort that so many people must put into projects such as this and may they endeavour to attract new artists and eager audiences for years to come. Truly Fantastic.”

The Public Review

Future Events

  • Fundraiser (2020) - TBC