About Us


In 2004 The Circus Project became a charity and has continued to attract and engage a range of people from the wider community, from young individuals to professional circus companies, artists and aerialists. We do this by running classes and workshops, encouraging and supporting new ideas and by working in contemporary circus to produce shows and cabarets to showcase the talents of our students.


Aims and Objectives

Our key objectives as a charity are to:

CREATE WORK: Create work that inspires, delights the heart, and challenges the idea of what circus can be.

TRIGGER NEW IDEAS: Generate new perspectives and new ideas in contemporary circus.

HELP ARTISTS: Provide resources, advice, and practical support, showcasing opportunities and networking opportunities for professional and semi-professional artists.

TEACH PEOPLE: Provide high quality circus arts classes and workshops suitable for all ages and all abilities.

FOSTER YOUNG TALENT: Nurture young talent and help young people who wish to pursue a career in the circus world.

BE EXCELLENT: Be a model of good practice and artistic excellence within the sector nationally.

JOIN FORCES: Encourage collaborations and cross-art partnerships.

CHANGE LIVES: Exploit the use of circus as a tool for helping people who are having a difficult time in their lives.

DEVELOP CIRCUS: Be instrumental and truly active in developing contemporary circus regionally and nationally.

Download our Charity Governing Document (PDF)